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The ancient city of Varanasi has been a source of tradition, culture, spirituality, yoga, Hindi and Ayurveda.
Narrow and puzzled alleys, beautiful temples and shrines, monasteries, old buildings, cultural and religious diversity, all the major old markets, real Varanasi-food, people, cows and bulls…all is found inside the alleys which are not possible to visit by any vehicle. Varanasi people do all of their business inside the alleys on foot. We gives you an opportunity to experience the real Varanasi, talk with the locals, visit hidden and old alleys and temples, palace and the old business district… just by walking with us.

In the older city our walk start from the main crossing and visiting a 400 year old detailed carving full temple of god shiva then we Walk in the oldest markets, narrow and puzzled alleys of Varanasi will take you to an entirely different world. Seeing a 400-year-old saree market,a flower market the spice and grains market, a magnificent mosque built by the Mughals along the river around golden temple and the temple of Lord Kaal Bhairao, known as the Kotwal or the Police Chief of Varanasi will give you a real sense of the old city “Kashi”.