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Morning Boat Tour - Varanasi Women Tours

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Morning Boat Tour the mesmerizing sunrise

Banaras is never ever as beautiful as over the dawn. The old buildings, ashrams and places along the river side look as colorful as rainbow when the sun light hits them. People taking bath, performing rituals, worshiping to the Sun, washing clothes

it all happens in our Morning boat Tour. We start the boat from Assi Ghat (the southern ghat) and go all the way to Manikarnika Ghat (the biggest cremation ground of the Varanasi) and then end the tour back at Keadar Ghat (also known as South Indian Ghat). This boat tour is combination of a boat ride and a walking tour of the southern part of the old city to explore the cultural diversity of Varanasi along with the oldest alive site in the whole Varanasi and a Akhada (Indian traditional wrestling ground).