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Cooking Classes delicious, healthy and easy to cook

We are here to make you know the taste of Benares and let you get a bit of Benarasi flavor in your plate.

Get the delicious taste of food as well as home cooked food and learn how to cook it yourself.

Varanasi is famous for its ghats and temple, but it’s food also creates storms. The cuisine of the kingdom of Kashi Naresh promises to be one of the most popular regional cuisines. Varanasi is situated at the banks of Ganges river so it is a prominent pilgrim centers of the country,traders from across the country we are also attracted and brought in new settlers and their cuisines . Jaunpuri and Awadhi cuisines also influenced Kashi’s food.So, it is a result of years of various influences that we see today in the cuisine of Varanasi.