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Events & Activities - Varanasi Women Tours

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Events & Activities few more things to do

It's an effort to encourage housewives & school girls in our locality - providing them an opportunity to use their skills for monetary benefit.

Photography shutterbugs are welcome!


Natural Henna (Mehndi) organic painless tattoos!

Natural Henna (Mehndi)

Henna is an important part of Indian lifestyle - essentially during marriage & festivals.
Our artists will draw beautiful Indian designs on your hands, using purely organic & natural mehndi (Lawsonia inermis).

Singing Classes classical Indian vocal singing

Singing Classes

Paintings & Sculpture a trip to art galleries

Paintings & Sculpture

Dance integral parts of Indian culture


Dance in Varanasi is a tradition linked to the ancient times of puranic legends. Lord Shiva, who is reported to have established this city, developed many music and his dance form is known as Tandava.

Cooking Classes delicious, healthy and easy to cook

Cooking Classes

We are here to make you know the taste of Benares and let you get a bit of Benarasi flavor in your plate.

Get the delicious taste of food as well as home cooked food and learn how to cook it yourself.